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Fig K110  Forged Pressure Sealed Gate Valve

NPS & Class

NPS 1/2 ~ “ 2 Class900LB~2500LB

Main Parameters

Design and ManufactureAPI 602ASME B16.34BS 5352

Face to Face DimensionASME B16.10EN558(Threaded Ends and Socket Welded ends as Per Manufacture's Specification)
Flange Connection DimensionASME B16.5

BW Connection DimensionASME B16.25

Threaded Ends DimensionASME B1.20.1

Socket Welded Ends DimensionASME B16.11
Pressure-Temperature RatingsASME B16.34
Test and InspectionAPI 598
Main MaterialsA105LF2F5F9F11F22F304F316


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